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So I'm getting so sick of the new era of rice that's been going around lately. We all know how ghey the fast and the furious era was with all the crazy body kits, neon lights, giant graphics and hidious altezza tail lights. lol but just wanted to start a thread to see what others consider the "new rice" that in a couple years we'll look back and think WTF were we thinking? lol

so i'll start off with a few things i think are sofa-king-we-todded! racks on cars (especially if you don't ever use them!)
2.rusted hoods (seriously, why?)
3.cambered the eff out wheels ( is that even safe?)
4.bright colored engine bay's (before this was a sign you were a cheap ass that didnt want to pay the extra bux to get it painted with the rest of your paint job but now its cool?)
5.extended wheel studs on stock wheels (i understand if you need them, but stock wheels?)
6.tow hooks (you know your azz never been to a track to have the need for one!)
7.rhd conversions ( i know alot of people wanna say to be different, but whatever, i can understand if it came like that, or you live where they drive on the opposite lane, but to convert it here in america i think is a waste of money and pretty rice honestly.)

ok so lets hear some more....:D
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oh noes!!!
What I don't like is when you get people who rattle can the interior. Like the vents, panels, cluster surroundings. It looks bad, and leaves the paint smell in your car, especially when the vents are going.

It's not that multicolored interiors are bad looking, but there is a difference between fabrics and rattle cans.

Oh and the bandanas for shift boots and e brake boots.

Cut springs on busted shops is bad too. It is funny to see cars bouncing on the highway. Lol.
oh yeah and slammed trucks are stupid
Boo, mini trucks are bad ass ;)
that's like dating a hot nun^^^
^^^^ Better than beating it without her panties to sniff every night ;)
playing just the tip is for beginners and virgins
playing just the tip is for beginners and virgins
How the hell was I supposed to know you were lactose intolerant!?!
141 - 148 of 148 Posts
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