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SOHC D16z6

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I may have a SOHC vtec d16z6 that I can put in to replace my ZC untill I can rebuild it. Not a hard swap but what I am not sure about is the fast idle valve. It is not on the ZC and I am pretty sure it is on the the d16z6. Do I need to wire this up if so to where or can I just leave it off. The car is original an LX same as DX but with PW PL etc.. So it never had this. Everything is wired up for MPFI from the ZC so the swap is pretty strait forward.I know my 88 rex doesn't have it either but the 89 and up do. any light on the subject??
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the fast idle control vavle serves no purpose u can uplug it and be fine or u can even block off the thing and car will run fine i dont have one on my d15. its been blocked off
Do you have a vtec head on your D15? I had though about doing this as well. I got an extra D 15 sitting around. How is the power?
non vetc head same as teh vtec head but no vtec same ports and all. better than the a6 head
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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