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Sohc Vtec ?'s

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Hey guys what would i need to slap on a sohc Vtec head on my 89 Si block??? what would I need and how much should i look to pay for it to be done??? let me know!! thx
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The vtec head, and an rpm switch. about $300-350
Its called the Mini Me swap, I got some links for ya
there ya go, let me know if thats not the right one.
What does an rpm switch do, and how do they work?
an RPm activated switch turns something on at a desired turning the vtec solenoid on....or n20....alot more stuff is needed than described in that first post....
Is there anything else needed besides what is described in the link in the second post???? oh, and will a 88-91 civic/crx FPR work with the new head??? and would I be able to use theB&M command flo thing? does that do the same as a FPR?

- Phat_Si
you need the 92-95 fpr....
Do you know a place online that sells them rather cheap??? thx
I haven't personally done this swap before, but if it is anything like the LS/VTEC then you are going to be looking at

Hardware to change oil passages (probably only one)
Vtec ecu
Vtec wiring harness
headgasket (all the vtec heads are slightly different than the non-vtec)

you are probably also going to need the intake mainfold (i am not sure if they are the same so correct me if i am wrong) and just check to make sure that all of your fuel lines are going to be correct as well.
Do I need all that stuff as described in the above post??? go to the site that the one guy posted a couple post's up, and tell me if that's all I need. Oh, and will the B&M command Flo work instead of a FPR?
no, you dont need all that stuff...its alot easier than ls/vtec...the 'how-to' site is pretty accurate and the B&M will work. you might also want to look for a adjustable cam gear because the vtec head is physically shorter and the cam timing gets thrown off....there's alot of little annoying things like this that make the swap more work than its worth IMO....
What kind of little annyoing things are there??? Is it reliable? oh, and a guy i know is trying to sell me a complete Vtec-E head, what's the difference between this and regular Vtec and what model did the Vtec-e come from??? thx
vtec-e is a hx head....its made for fuel economy, not performance....

I've heard the swap is unreliable and takes alot to get running right....using your stock ecu doesnt work so well b/c of the added fuel necessary when the cam changes over, so a field's is recommended. ..I've also heard alot of stories of them overheating alot...I started the swap and changed my mind halfway through b/c I didnt like what I was hearing.... I'm sure it can be a good swap w/ the right amount of work....
What kind of other stuff is a good idea to keep it from overheating??? Instead of that other ecu, would a Mugen spec chipped ecu work any better?
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