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some turbo maintenance tips??

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please submit some maintenance tips for turbo cars .....key things you must do once you go turbo
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There is no abnormal maintenance that is usually tagged onto turbo cars. It's all a myth. It is the same as normal cars, just do it on time.
1) Give it cool down time before you shut off the car.

2) Use synthetic engine oil

That's what I was told.
redfox said:
1) Give it cool down time before you shut off the car.

2) Use synthetic engine oil

That's what I was told.

forgive me, it's been a while since I've been boosted.

30 seconds on the cool down, and Mobil 1 synthetic, and she will love you...
•don't boost till she's up to running temperature.
•avoid repeatedly going full throttle and stopping, such as in traffic, on hot days.
•routinely(is that a word?) pop your hood and check for leaks, unusual smells, and make sure everything looks ok.
while driving keep an ear out for unusual sounds and unusual smells.
if something doesn't seem right and feels different pull over and check it out.

ok well i could've saved myself two minutes, had i just said
"use common sense "
use the highest octane pump gas available...
76 gas station here in az in the pavillions has 117 octance pump gas... i don't know how it is every other 76 but if you want to pay the 3 dollar a gallon gas price you don't even need to retard timing etc....

basically change your oil every 2600 miles wrather than 3000 use
synthetic oil
make sure you have plenty of coolant in your radiator (common
sense? :confused: )
for the first couple of weeks, don't play your stereo incredibly
loud, listen for anything out of the ordinary besides opening of
the wastegate and a large PSHHHH from the blow off valve

pretty much all common sense
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just like they said

give it proper cool down (Turbo timer)
never boost a cold engine
always use highest grade octaine
ALWAYS use mobil-1 and change every 2800
open hood at least once a week, check all vac lines, hoses, listen to sounds, look for oil etc etc

basically use common sense. and with a turbo you gotta listen, that means turn the radio down, and listen.
just dont boost for any longer then 15 sec it will really put some pressure on your motor and turbo... give it time between races..
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