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Something Strang happened at 115 mph

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Last night I was going down 95south at 100 mph was strait,and my Carbon fiber hood was holding up.So i wanted to see how much more it could take so I got up too 115 mph and SOMETHING HAPPENED I was close to 5 grand on my rpm's then my transmission started to hesitate or try to down shift but it couldn't.It really felt like I was at my rev limiter but I wasn't anywhere near red line but,it made my car jurk it made my exhaust sound pretty cool but I was SCARED :eek: . I am really:confused:
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probably hit the speed governer
Dont worry too much, it is your speed limiter kicking in. Its a weird feeling though isnt it. Looks like you need to get yourself a chip or a new ecu or something
I've heard of this happening to a couple others cars also. Only they went OVER 115 (120-130ish) and then the car backed down to 115.

Just the speed limiter, if you install a performance chip, you can bypass the limiter.
The speed governer is what I had in mined but I have gone faster than that before like 122 and I hit my rev limiter and then it backed down,sooo I don't know.
....but if u have a 6th gen accord, u can go to 140 MPH, yes i have gotten there once and never gonna do it again, scary like whoa and plus it sucks ur gas.
140 mph

sup peoples, my 99 LX smoothes its way up to exactly 140 mph on the 2 south in glendale, after that the fuel pump shuts off, never had anything happen at 115. I also suggest you get the ecu, which is called the "PCM"at the dealerships, checked out for any defects.
Is everyones Accord on this post a 5-speed if it is that is probably why u guys can hit 140 no problem. I need a 5-speed
Dude, the same thing happens to my 5th gen. It is 5 speed so that has nothing to do with it. I used to get up to 130 mph when the car was stock and when it only had cat back exhaust but as soon as I put the intake the shutting down started happening. I max out at 115 too. It is NOT a rev limiter thing because it happens at 3500 rpm. I was told that is was because the car was getting too much air and that an ECU upgrade would cure the problem. I got a Super AFC thinking that would work and it did nothing. I also have a Venom nitrous kit hooked up and I'm a bit reluctant to mess with the stock ECU. I'm also no longer convinced that the ECU upgradewould work because if it is a fuel /air ratio thing wouldn't the AFC fix it? Anyway, I have all this stuff done to my car but I can't get past 115mph. I get there quickly but then I'm stagnant.
If ANYONE can give INFORMED insight to this problem I would love to hear it. No two cents opinions please.
140 mph no 5 speed

no no ya'll, my 99 accord hit 140 easy, before i put my intake on, and it hits 140 with the intake on just as easy, actually faster!........and my accord is a 4 door, 4 cyl. automatic! so the 5 speed, or V6, or stick, it does't matter. I will go out right now and 140 if ya want!
The 5th gen LX auto has a speed limiter of 115. That should be more than fast enough for everybody.
here is what i know

i had a truck for awhile. a ford... in the last gear in the tranny at a certain rpm your engine is programmed to shut off fuel. a governor of speed so you dont kill yourself. happens like at four or five grand in last gear. i was unaware that honda has a governor. i thought a speed governor was an american thing. ive hit 112 or so with no problem other then i ran out of road and/or i ran out of balls and didnt want to die/get a huge ticket. but it is an ecu thing that happens. in the final gear at a certain rpm your car just says no more and then you are left at that. unless you get a performance chip like said before. my friend with a 93 civic ex would hit 120 to 130 on a daily basis with no problem either. but i think it is the newer cars have a governor and the older cars dont.. but i could be completely full of shit..
the speed limiter in the 5th gen accord is at 6500 rpm (kicks in at speeds below 115). The only way it would be a speed limiter issue is if it is triggered by air flow and not rpm.

and to superaccord.... use a relay to get your park lights blinking in reverse order.

What you are refering to is a REV limiter. When our cars hit 6500, the REV limiter kicks in.

The problem that we are having at 115 MPH is a SPEED limiter. So, we can not go over 115 MPH or over 6500 RPM without an ecu upgrade, reprogram, or chip.


the REV limiter is at 6500..... you hit 115 mph at 3500 rpm therefore unless the rev limiter is bnased on airflow that's NOT it

if it IS a speed governor then why can I do 130 mph WITHOUT increased airflow???? commonsense
I assume it would have to do with what according2me mentioned. If you are in 5 gear the SPEED limiter is active. Try leaving it in 4th and maybe that is how you reached 130. And just for your information, I always read before i post, I was just stating that there are 2 limiters in the car, one for RPM and one for MPH. They are completely seperate and operate individually.
the only way to hit 130 is to take the intake off.
I can't hit it anymore in 4th gear or 5th gear . It is definitely an air related issue which is why I am reluctant to go for the speed limiter thing ( and yes now I see what you were getting at).

I'm just relieved that other people are having this problem. I thought my car was defective
Could my engine have been getting too much air in,and not out???
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