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Sony Japan Hiring Testers for 'New Game Machine': News from

Sony Japan Hiring Testers for 'New Game Machine'

New ad fans speculation for a successor to the PSP.

By Kris Pigna, 02/22/2009

Job listings tend to be uninteresting to anyone except those interested in the job, but a new listing by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has generated quite a bit of attention. According to a translation done by GameSpot, the ad is looking for an "evaluator/assessor" who will be tasked with testing a "new game machine."

The ad makes it clear that this new machine will be "part of the PlayStation or PSP series and their peripherals." Since the thought of Sony testing a successor to the PS3 this soon is completely insane, the obvious guess is that this machine is some new model of the PSP -- either another marginal update to the current platform, or the long-rumored "PSP 2" successor.

Further stated in the ad is that the new hire will "be part of an advisory staff that will play PlayStation series software on this new machine and check its functionality." They will also be able to "test game machines not yet released or new functionality of PS3 peripherals before they are released."

Evidently, representatives for Sony Computer Entertainment said they're working on an official response to this listing, which will likely be released on Monday (or soon after). When the response is issued, we'll pass it along.
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