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Being the avowed headphones/earbud snob and Sony fanboy that I am, I drooled just a little seeing this article. Might be time to retire the Logitech G35's.

Sony Unveils New DR-GA500 and GA200 Headphones for PC Gamers
Aug 17 2010, 11:51am CDT | by Shane McGlaun

It's not often that Sony offers up products that are specifically for PC gamers. Sony is heavy into the console gaming arena with the PS3 and therefore typically sticks to the console side of things. Sony has whipped out a couple new sets of headphones aimed specifically at PC gamers.

The high-end DR-GA500 headphones feature an external sound processor for virtual 7.1 surround sound. The headphones are specifically designed to offer quality sound for gaming. The GA200 headphones don’t offer any virtual surround effects.

Both headphones offer 40mm drivers and promise bass and quality sound overall. Both sets also have a mic with mute an inline volume control. The GA500 connect via USB or to analog 7.1 connectors. The GA200 uses a normal mic and headpho9en connector. Pricing is unknown at this time.
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