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Sound Deadening - 3/4 Panel Installation advice please

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Rite, I have the matting, I have the back(from base of rear bench) of the car stripped and cleaned(its a '96 Civic hatch).

My question is about the 3/4 panels, i.e. where the rear doors wud be if it wasnt a hatch. there are inner and outer door skins, the inner ones havin cut out sections-there are blocks of polystyrene stuck to the 3/4 panels which slot into thes cut-out sections in the inner door skins.

I have been told that it is ok, and infact better for sound, to just cover over the inner skins, covering the cut-out sections n'all, rather than attempt to get in at the outter skins, which, obviously is very awkward.

I am going at this in the mornin, starting with the floor-boot and rear of car, and working my way up the sides. Wud appreciate sum advice in advance of then if possible please(im in Ireland so ill be starting bout 4am NYC time
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I found a material called "Roxul Safe and Sound" that I stuffed between the outer skin and inner panels. This make's that entire region completely dead (no vibration at all!!) It's also much lighter than any mat out there. The only disadvantage is that it'll soak up water, so only put it somewhere where it's dry.
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