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one of my good friends, says that this guy at work has a 5th gen hatch, (i've seen it) with a gsr engine and tranny, apex n1 exhaust, headers, type r pistons, yadda yadda........

basically my question is this, without boosting or turboing/supercharging, stritcly all motor, enlarged pistons or some shit, I don't give a fuck if he has plutonium in the fucking motor, but all motor, no forced induction or nos, do you think its possible for his hatch, mind you, all the seats are intact and no weight has been taken off the car, and has a system, do you think his car can do 12.5 in the 1/4?

I think its bullshit, I mean I've heard of all motor civics doing 10's, but their shit is like professionally done, and all weight has been stripped, and I've seen this guy do a 13.5 in a wrx with a stage0 turbo, and those fucking things are quick... but 12.5? help me out guys
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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