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Got most of the Performance done. Anyone got ideas for a system? What works and what doesn't Im interested in 7" video using my PS2 as well. HELP!
Pictures would be ideal...
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the integra trunk was made to hold 4 15's tight fit though.
i dunno if you can get a deck with a screen because it will hit the dash where the flashers button is. what do you mean by what works and what doesn't? are you totally clueless about car audio? jensen and sony explode doesn't work good. eclipse jl kicker crossfire and memphis work good.
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I like MB Quartz I just replaced my mids and highs with them and put 6 1/2 Phoenix Golds in the back sounds good for only running off a Alpine CDA-7839 deck I want a amplifier bad. This is relatively low set up for what is out there. For example acuradriva's setup is insane, can you still hear?? (Joking) What Db's do you hit with those I'd think if you'd try to hit high Db's you'd blow out the windows. How much weight does that add to your car? Back to Sahan23, go to Integra audio on the web they have some stuff you'd like.
mb quartz are hella tight, no doubt. but if you got a teg, y ou might want to think abuot how the teg drains water when it rains. it runs it along the right fender, etc and water can get into where the speakers are. since mb quart are paper cones, you may have some probs. just a thought tho

i went with jl-audio all around
6.5" xr's all around
3- 10w3's (would of goone with w6 line, but they discontinued them, and they have a problem with hitting hard and killin the voice coil.)
500/1 jl amp
300/2 jl amp
alpine iva-c800 head w/ alpine dvd dva5205.

it sounds hella nice, just a suggestion
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I didn't know MB Quartz were paper cones what a rip off, they still stound good, but still. I bought the 5 1/2 pair for 250 on speakers that were around 320 for paper cones? I'm pretty clueless on the speaker thing too and assumed that these speakers that the sales man raved about would have been something different other than paper! Time to swap those things out I think.
Ummm I have MB quarts and they arent paper cones.
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