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Thanks for the link Mo! Here's the final info. It says to start meeting up at 1:30. If you come at 2 or 3 thats okay. People will be here.
If youre coming late like even 5 or something call me or one of the guys in the link. My cell is 305-527-5980. We'll let you know
where everyone is so that you dont have to show up and nobodys there. As listed stickers wil be sale for all the Honda lovers. And
some of the people might go to the HMI car show too in case you dont want to chill there.

A couple notes:
Please do not heat us up!!!
So many people know about this I wouldnt be surprised if undercovers show up.
So please if you wanna smoke out or drink do it somewhere else before you get there.
Also no burnouts please. If you want to do that please leave the park first.
If you wanna bring food or whatever thats cool. Please try not to litter. We dont need to give anyone a reason to bust us.
Important Note: Coral way is also SW 24th St. for the people who dont know.

Okay guys. I hope I see all of you there. Say hi, I'm the guy in the 2000 V6 Accord coupe with sticker on my drivers
side rear window. Everyone bring your rides and lets have some fun.

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