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spark plug gapping?

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with what and how do i gap spark plugs? and any spark plug/ wires do you guys recommend for a 94 auto integra thx
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You need a gaping tool, $3-5 ish go to any auto parts store, or SEARS to get one, or buy the pregapped BOSH plugs
To gap properly pull on the hook side of the te\he plug. Do not press on the electrode.

USe the stock NGK wires. Or magnacor only if you have forced induction.
a gapping tool is like $.99 and any auto store should have them.

i suggest NGK copper plugs and NGK blue wires (any other wire is pointless), i say copper plugs because copper is known as a better conductor than platinum and although they wont last as long, changing them every 10-15k takes 10 minutes and it ends up being cheaper anyways since the NGK V-power copper plugs are like $7-8 for all 4
Just don't buy the gaping gauge that is a circle and progressively goes from small to large. Get one that has seperate thicknesses so that you will have a more accurate gap.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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