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Spark plug question

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the only way to tell if you are running rich or lean, is by looking at the spark plug color correct? mocha brownish=Good White=Lean Black=rich Is that the only way to tell? my spark plugs have black deposit under the electroid but my air/fuel guage reads lean...wussup with that shitt?
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what kind of air/fuel ratio gauge are you using?
i believe there is a normal color..i forgot though
the guage is autometer, silver face, the one everyone has.. i think its broken cuz i banged it too many times to fit into the guage pod.
You can tell if you are running lean by running a EGT gauge and pyrometer.
thanks for recommending me what to use, but my question also was...can i ALSO be able to tell by looking at the spark plug color?
chewie10 said:
If it's lean, how do you fix it?
if it is lean due to more air.. just add more fuel and get nice plugs

more fuel?

add fuel pressure riser
fuel pump
larger injectors etc...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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