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I know that many ppl will say that i should go with NGK or MSD. The truth is i've searched for em and the MSD is hella expensive for me right now (and i really don't think i need such a wire with the mods i have now) and about the NGK there is only one dealer that carrys em in Cyprus and the fucker only have the oem spec wires...
So i've been talking to a car part dealer and he told me about the Sparkcos and that they are triple core wires and such and they price is really low compared to other brands. I make a reaserch and i found that many ppl at mazda forums was having problems with em coming apart back in 2002 but... i also found a statment from the company wich said the they new about the problem and now the came with a new copound of silicon wich it solve the problem and with the dealer giving me lifetime warranty on them :ninja i tho i should give them a try...

I alrady order a set and i'm gonna have em tomorrow so expect a product review and from me in a week or so... :whore

till then :byye

**edit** just for some more info clickity-sparkity :rolleyes ...or whatever :bash
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