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JDM Spec RM Coilover Dampner Kit
Fits Civic 92-00 Integra 94-00
I have brand new taken out of the box for photography
purposes only JDM Battle Power Axas RM spec coilovers MSPR 82,809.50 yen.
I myself have a set installed on my EK.They ride extremely well,keeps your car planted on every turn.

Very predictable handling and eliminate hopping around on those other shock/spring combo. Very fun for you Autox guys. I'm not aware of the spring rates but have seen reviews that compare them to 10K/frnt 12k/rear.Not dampening adjustable,but is especially valved for EK4.
They are Andonized gold shock bodys with Andonized green perchs and mounts with blue powdercoated coil springs and comes with wrenchs to adjust. Special bumpstops also included.

How they dampnen

The single-tube step-free damper adjustment method is used at the front,
and the twin-tube 5-stage damper adjustment method is used at the
rear to cope with different requirements. Casings are made of steel.
Coil over construction.

Asking price $625 shipped $600 picked up

PM or email me [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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