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Well there are only two models for the 6th generation (96-00) Honda Civic Hatchback.

My 1999 Honda Civic DX Hatchback has a 1.6L SOHC non VTEC engine with 106 horsepower, and 103 lbs-ft of torque.

And the other model a Honda Civic CX Hatchback according to MSN Carpoint has the exact same engine as the DX. However I'm pretty sure the CX model is running less horsepower, and torque then the DX. Atleast that's what I thought. :confused: Hence why I paid $13,000 even for an almost mint 1999 Honda Civic DX Hatchback. Ah well, the little extra I paid got me a near mint car. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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