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Speedometer is OFF like 5mph!?

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I follow my girlfriend to school on certain days and she sets her cruise at 70. I have mine set at 74-75 to stay with her. Is my speedometer off that much or is hers? Or is it both.

Anyone else ever notice this or have the same problem???

My car is stock except for AEM CAI.
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Mine is off by 4 mph. Been that way since I bought it. Fortunately it's on the low side like yours. When my speedo reads 50, I'm actually doing about 46. It also means your odometer is reading fewer than actual miles.

Ps - Mine was checked through police radar. My neighbor is a cop and he set up his equipment on a back road for me.

Pss - SE WI? Must be Kenosha or Racine area. I have lots of relatives living in that area.
Hey thanks alot for the reply.

I'm about 20 minutes north of milwaukee.

Thanks again
You must be close to Port Washington then. I lived in Sturgeon Bay from 1991 - 1996. Spent a lot of time running up and down 43. We didn't like the weather, so we moved south. My son still lives in Green Bay.
Richfield Wisconsin,

HOLY HILL, Germantown, West Bend, Menomniee Falls, Hartford, Slinger, Jackson, these cities are all right around Richfield.

Hwy 41 and Hwy 167
Richfield - Been through there. Once in awhilke we'd go up 41 instead of 43 to GB. It took a little longer, but a nice change of pace.
Ya it's out in the country kinda, I like it! And not to far from the city.
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