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speedometer to kilometer

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does anyone know how i would go about finding a speedometer gauge for a 96-00 civic hb the reads in kilometers instead of mph? i saw it in one of the sport compact car on the gray and black hb set up with all spoon and type r gadgets.
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You could get a set of white faces, a set of indiglos, or even a whole new gauge cluster. However I'm not to sure if your going to find a gauge cluster with the speedometer in kmhs, instead of in mph because most aftermarket companies that make them are american ones. However you could then go the JDM route, and get yourself a Japanese gauge cluster (Honda, Mugen, Spoon, Veilside, etc.) because they are in kmhs, as you've seen on the Spoon, and Civic Type R gauge clusters. If I were you, I would just buy a new gauge cluster from Honda of Canada. :) Because my 99 Civic DX Hatchbacks stock speedometer reads in kmhs. Or you could do like I'm planning, and swap in an SiR gauge cluster. Or you could wait for me to get my SiR gauge cluster, and I'll sell you my stock DX gauge cluster for a decent price. But that may be awhile. :lol:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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