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Hehe, looks like they wrapped this car up in a giant hefty bag heh :p


The newest photos of the 2004 Ford F-150 Super Crew were caught thousands of miles southwest of Ford’s Michigan Proving Grounds.

Even while wearing heavy camouflage, one can easily see the direction Ford is taking with the front-end styling, including the traditional inverted trapezoid grille and Explorer-like headlamps. The windshield rake, cab shape and door glass appears to be very similar to Ford’s 2002 Tonka concept, as well as the likelihood (from close scrutiny of the camouflage) of Tonka-like vertical door handles.

In addition, our exclusive photos show that the new F-150 borrows the cut-down windows from its big brother F-250/350 for better rearview-mirror visibility and, in place of a vent wing, gets a huge side window defogger vent.

Don’t let the friendly smiles fool you – we were told to stop taking pictures and a hand was put out expecting me to turn over my film. You’re seeing the best of over 80 shots – and needless to say, the engineers ended up with zero.

The official introduction of the new F-150 is expected to take place in January at the Detroit auto show.
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