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Spoiler Question

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Hey everyone... i own a 93 integra and i was wondering if a type r spoiler would fit my car. they say they are only made for 94-00 tegs but is that only just the stock holes? because i could just drill new holes... i have already had my stock holes filled in and painted and body work done to them so would the spoiler even fit my trunk.

this would be one i am interested in.
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im not one to say whether it will or not....but even on the 94-01 integras the ITR spoiler doesnt fit into the same holes as the GSR i dont know if it would fit correctly, why dont you do some measurements?
You'll have to drill holes for 94-01 non-type r tegs
Same for LS?

B2FiNiTY, are there any ITR spoilers that will fit the stock holes? I have a 94 LS and was looking into getting this spoiler if I didn't have to drill, but if drilling is the only option, how difficult is it to do?
You might be able to find a similar looking spoiler that fits your stock holes. Most the time you will need to make new ones. It isn't that hard. Just make a lot of measurements, and check them again.
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