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sponsored - Project EW4 (PICS!)

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Ok guys.. finally pics (now outdated)
as some may remember I blew my last EW4 and this one I got for free.. so why not?

a few things I'll be dropping in:

Unorthodox flywheel
Unorthodox underdrive pulley set
Centerforce Stage II clutch (off the old car)
Webber Cam
Webber Cam Gear
Mugen vavles and valve springs
Custom manufactured high compression, ported and polished hemi-style racing head from CM Racing
NGK ignition (show for pic purposes)
a higher flowing fuel rail (hopefully venom)
Zex nitrous kit (off the old car)
CM Racing/Mugen intake with Ractive blue filter (not show :()
DC headers (gotta get new ones, the old ones burnt up)
hopefully a CM Racing high flow intake manifold if I can forth the cash!

that's to start.. some other mods are coming soon!

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