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spoon mirrors

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My mirrors are finally on.:)

I got these from a friend who tried to make them fit his rex. I got a good deal on them. Real Spoon mirrors. After some fiberglass, body filler, I got them to fit on the crx nicely. Just like they were meant to be there. What do you guys think?
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i anted some liek that, or "m-3" style mirrors, did you do the fiberglasing yourself? or have somoen do it fo ou? an dwas it expensive, or difficult to do?
I did the fiberglass myself. Some sheets of fiberglass, some good sandable resin. Two to three sheets of fiberglass and that thing is strong. Sand down the high spots and fill in the low spots with body filler, spray some flat black paint (chose this color because you can always put some dressing on them ie. armor all) and your set. Drill holes for the spoon mirrors, screw 'em on, and your done. Of course some experience in body work helps.
WhiteRice said:
How about some close up pics?
Here's the closest pic I could find.
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not to nit pic, but you shoulda used the vision mirrors. They look exactly the same, and you wouldn't have had to modify them @ all. Bolt on affair. But...looks great
Thanks for the comment. Vision mirrors is the same as spoon and they make 'em specifically for the rex. I could've save me some blood, sweat and tears.:( Where would one get a hold of these vision mirrors? Maybe my 90 civic hatch could use some.
looks nice, id rather thave the bolt on type, nice wheel :D
jdmhondaparts sells em for 370 for the pair
nice looking spoon mirror there.

Good job on your little modified.
DAFeLUNG said:
jdmhondaparts sells em for 370 for the pair
Whoa..I must've really got a good deal. I didn't even pay close to half that. But now I know where you can get 'em. I didn't even know they make 'em for the EF.
370 a pair?!?!?!?!?!??! Shoot...I can find better things to spend my money on then mirrors for 370!!! Then you gotta add shipping..damn near 400 bones!!!
You can get Spoon copy mirrors that are made for the EF at for around $125. Some guys on honda tech have them and are pleased with the quality and fitment. They're really good replicas too.
I just contacted JayDm and they dont have them for the EF. They said people buy the EG mirrors and modify them to fit.
I don't know what the stock ones really look like so I can't really give you my opinion. They look like...normal mirrors. But IMO shoulda spent your money elseware, the bling factor isn't worth it. I mean you coulda spent 400 dollars in a much better way, all they are are mirrors. Sorry I know this is a negative post. They look nice.
I must say that those mirrors are a great compliment to the rest of the car! props for the work you did on making them fit! (and you can say you have SPOON MIRRORS! JDM!)
um... this really makes me want to get off my ass and install the Mugen stubby mirrors I have laying around the shop!
If I remember correctly, Vision was the pioneers of this style, then Spoon copied it. Spoon rarely has their own items come to think of it. I hate that term, Spoon Mirrors, when really it should be Vision Mirrors! :)
Mugen Stubby mirrors? i'm intrigued. more info on those, please. not to hijack the thread or anything...
The look good. I'd want something that folds though.

GJ on the glass work, btw. :tu
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