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Re: don't get sucked in by the name brand

Tuan said:
just get an ITR TB or GSR from a junkyard and have a machine shop open up the intake side to 70 mm /manifold side to 62mm for the GSR TB and you have a Spoon TB at 1/4 the cost! Yes the Spoon is 70 mm at the intake and tapers down to 62mm.

Spoon TB = MONEY!

And that is Money better spent somewhere else...

Hey Tuan, while he's at that why not have 'em portmatch everything too or was that assumed??

And yes it starts at 70mm and tapers to 62mm, this is supposedly to affect intake velocity, thus supplying more intake air flow and theoretically creating more HP/TQ.

I tend to believe that it really won't create much noticeable HP/TQ gains but, certainly will support better throttle response. I have also read that this TB really only works well on the B16 series like the Ventuli/Venturi plate, "I never get the names in the right order." I know one is the plate and the other is the effect that you want to create.

So all in all, don't just buy into name brands for the sake of their name and the price you may pay. Much of Spoon's products DO work and work well. I have some of their stuff But, we have covered this one before. Their TB is not a Magic Mod.

Good Luck; and be an educated consumer, learn what it is, how it works and If it works, and how to save or spend money wisely while making similar gains.

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