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i have a 2000 SI. i was wondering which header do you guys think i should get. in other words which header would make the most power and where on the powerband. i know the Spoon and Mugen header is a 4-1 while the toda header is a 4-2-1 design. if anyone has any experince with any of these headers please tell me how much power you got.
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I think the JDM Type R headers (4-1 with larger collector) are pretty nice. I think that is what I plan to get for my b16. I actually heard the Mugen's weren't that great. I would say just go DC Sports or true JDM headers.
i agree with geting dc :) they makes ss header with 2.5 collector that cost alot less then spoon,toda,mugen :)
You must understand that those brands are very expensive. Unless you want to spend that extra money I recommend a less expensive brand such as Comptech, JDM Honda, or perhaps DC Sport if you really want to save. You won't gain too much hp with a header upgrade. Peace
You must all understand the concept behind choosing the proper header based on your power goals (ie. top end, mid band power, etc.)
Generally speaking headers are not the best bang for the buck ($350-$600 depending on brand), less than 3 Hp and 2 ft/lb of torque are created by swapping headers on a N/A motor. You must take into consideration the cam profile, timing, ECU control and breathability of your motor. The B16 is a very potent motor to begin with, not much power can be derived from a new header (check SCC, April 2002 Project Civic for dyno graphs)because of its great stock design.
Basically, by simply adding a header, don't expect too much from it other than a little better throttle response and different exhaust tone.
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