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Sportlines vs coilovers

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Would the sportlines scrub that bad cornering? Or should I go with something adjustable like Ground Control or skunk2 coilovers? There are a lot of unlevel areas around Georgia that might affect the tires scrubbing too...
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the Eibach Sportlines are a pretty mellow drop with all things considered. I rubbed at first, cause it took a while for the shocks I bought to settle in, but once that was over, i didnt scrape on turns, hard cornering, and got pulling into the driveway down to a 't'. I definitely recommend the Sportlines, but the Ground Control coilovers are a very nice set as well. They use Eibach springs also, and the nice thing is that you can adjust the height to whatever you want. Who knows, the sportlines might be too low of a drop for you....
my00si said:
I appreciate the feedback on that. Hard to tell without them on your ride...
exactly. What i recommend for you is to spend the extra $100 on the Ground Controls, that way you get the Eibach quality spring with the adjustablity feature. If you dont like the height of the Sportlines, you're stuck with em anyways, whereas with the Ground Controls, you can adjust them to your preference.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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