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Spring rates for the ITR?

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I know that they are a progressive coil design, but I can't seem to find the springs rates for the ITR springs, my friend is selling some and I'm thinkin of putting them on my Civic with some Koni yellows. What drop would the springs alone have and does anyone know the spring rates?
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well, according to Spoon, the ITR's (Japanese model) spring rates are as follows: Front - 4.4 , Rear - 2.5~4.4 . Looks to me that Spoon cant make their mind up about the rear rate, unless it's some kind of progressive thing. Also, the CTR's spring rates are as follows: Front - 4.3 , Rear - 4.2 . Not sure about the ride height though.
oh, those rates are in kg/mm, in case you are unsure
Eek! Does anyone know the conversion from metric? How come we are the only country still using customary and not metric units!
25.4 mm per inch.

2.2 kg per lb.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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