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Springs or Coilovers?

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Im about to get my kit in soon. Its a sinsei front <Skyline> and I want to drop my car. The thing is I don't know what to get. I heard springs are stiffer than coilovers, but than I might want to slam the car at shows.If I do get the springs I am going for Eibachs 1.75 drop. Any thought???

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I had the experience with both coil overs and springs in my car. I had H&R coilovers but took em out and gave em to a friend cuz I was never adjusting the height of my ride (where as my buddy does) so I put my H&R springs back in. The diff ? Ummm honestly, not the biggest difference in the world but yea the coilovers were stiffer. If ur gonna get coilovers, im tellin ya get AXAS coilovers - they're dope man and not that expensive (I get em here in Vancouver for $1200 canadian installed).
Are u talking about the coilovers with the shocks? $1200 is a lot for just coilovers, unless that is in Canadian currancy. Any body ever use Ground Control?
if you have money.. get a damper kit. $1000~$1500.

if your broke like most of us.. get some ground control coilovers.
I agree get ground control, it's the best coilover that is not a whole system.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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