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Mcrane, on 03-25-2005 you posted this:

-yea im a noob...... these nuts. superhonda is supposed to be for honda enthusiasts and whatnot, but the video section----get the fuck out of here. Videos of people shooting dogs, gang fights, animals being skinned, ect. They dont belong on a car website. This shit is supposed to be about hondas, not some sadistic video shit. for all you that post and enjoy these fucked up videos,
you might as well have a dick in your ass. apparently your on that kind of level. seriously, get a grip.

You sead it yourself, this is a honda site...
so why are you posting about this poker shit?
What is in it fore you?
please stop, i get like 20 spam mails a day like this and the last place i want to see it is on my favorite site.
I'm asking you niceley.

btw,sorry for my spelling:whore
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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