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SS headers

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SS headers

What do you guys think about this header? I have a 92 B18A1
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i like the look of them but have never heard of the company or there performance
I think... NO

No dyno's, no reputation to back them, no creditation from the import scene. Pass. You get what you pay for a lot of the time. My friend had a DC Sports 4-1 SS header on his and then swapped to a custom fabricated 4-1 ss nickel plated from a shop about an hour from here... gained 2 hp and 1 ft/lb torque. This is the first exception I've ever seen... but they had a dyno to back their header and gave him a money back warranty. Oh, and it was only $250.:confused: how? lol
just a quick one... i think dc has lost their niche in the market... now their headers are just coming off a mass production line... no handmade anything from them anymore.. :( this one my friend got was hand made and perfect cosmetically and functionally so far.:)
Hey, is there any way I can get the same header from that shop? I live in around Seattle, WA though.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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