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Any of you people out there had any trouble getting standard body pieces, such as a CTR rear skirt, etc (any Japanese model part)? Two of my three local dealers are really being wankers about it, saying that if it's not available on a local delivered model, they can not get it in. I dont believe this, as there are a fair few Japanese model Integra Type R sedans floating around my area, not to mention a Civic Type R too. I think they are just so lazy, they wont get the parts in for me. I know for a fact Nissan Australia sourced some Skyline GT-R rear guards for some tuning shop here, even though the Skyline wasnt sold here! (The R33). Other dealers are great at getting in Japanese bits, why is Honda dealers such knob jockeys? Maybe i should ask to see the manager, and ask him why the knobs in the spare parts dept. wont make him a profit!
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