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If you have never seen or heard about the story. Basically a fat kid at school did some video that he thought no one would see. Someone else saw it and thought it was completely halarious. So they took it and uploaded it to the net.

A year later you have tons of clones of these videos and this kid. Youll be almost amazed at how much they have done with this one video clip.

Ranging from him fighting matrix agents , to dancing , to using a real light sabers and fighting off lazer attacks. The things people can come up with is pretty funny and creative.


The list:

Star Wars: A new hope and message from R2 (one of the better ones)

Star Wars Kid VS The Drones

Jedi In Training

Lots more to come....

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he made the video in a janitors room and he taped it then his friends got a hold of it put it on the internet and people started to give him donations and his mom got pissed of at the friends that put it on the internet so she sued them and cant really remember the rest

good video still :nod

edit - i still think the orginal was the best :)
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