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Starter question, have searched, but came up with no help.

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can someone possibly help me with my starter.

well its my brothers integra. he's got a 95 4 door teg also like me. and his starter went out. and he's been push starting his damn car for like 4 weeks now. and i feel bad. because the idiot didn't tell me till today. well i took the starter out and check it and it turns out to be the motor or whatever you call it. the solenoid pops out. but the gear thing doesn't spin.

does anyone know if this thing is rebuildable? like is there a kit to do this. or am i better off just replacing it with a remanufactured one from pep boys or kragen or what so ever?

any suggestions?
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take it to the parts store and have them check it for free. then just by a new(rebuilt) one if they say it is bad.
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