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Starting over...Any suggestions?

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Alright, I had a 96 coupe, and loved it. The only thing I didn't like as much was it was an automatic. One day somebody offered me cash more than it was worth. So, like anybody else with a brain I took it. I have around $5,000 to spend on a car after paying off my 96. I thought about getting a 92-95 civic, maybe even a hatch and do a swap. But due to high demand, I can't find one under 4 or 5 thousand that isn't wrecked, or already sold. I don't really like the factory seats in that generation, and other small details that I call minor flaws. So, the other day I was looking through Auto Trader and found a couple 6th gen. coupes 5-speed, with 115-135K miles going for 4500-5800. Whatever I get I'm going to have to be satisfied with like it is for a while, because I have no good source of income. So, what do all of you think? Get a 96 coupe that I really like better (body wise) and save on the swap, or just wait for an older civic for cheap and have enough for the swap now? To be really satisfied with a 92-95 I'd have to have an all different interior, motor swap, and probably aftermarket wheels. I don't want to turbo a SOHC engine, because to do it right I'd have to rebuild the motor first. Don't want to go through that, too much money and not worth it. Just give me your thoughts on what you would do in my situation, and suggestions will be appreciated. No flaming. Thanks
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have you ever considered a different brand of imported vehicle? just curious
Well, I thought about a couple of different cars. Wouldn't mind having a MR2 (little older, hard to find), RX-7(yeah right), or an eclipse, 300Z, 3000GT. Both the 300Z and the 3000GT will be WAAAY to high on insurance, but fun to drive no doubt. And the only body style I would be satisfied with in an eclipse is 95-up. Wouldn't mind having either the GST (turbo) or the GSX (turbo all wheel-drive). The only thing is with the eclipses, they have a common known problem with crank-walk. You know, where the crank bearings wear out or something and causes the crank to move horizontally until it destroys the motor which equals a rebuild. I guess the reason I've narrowed it down to civics because I want a reliable car, and Honda seems to meet this requirement better than any other. And I don't want an accord, or a Del Sol, but I wouldn't mind having a 92-up prelude. They would be higher on insurance though. I just think a civic suits me. Loved my 96, so I guess I want what I had.
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96 Civic Coupe said:
So, the other day I was looking through Auto Trader and found a couple 6th gen. coupes 5-speed, with 115-135K miles going for 4500-5800.
i definitely wouldn't pay 5-6k for a car with 135k on it. keep looking for a better deal.
Get what you want, not what you can afford. Maybe just a shell, and throw in a motor. Just a thought. Maybe you can find a shell at an auction for around a grand, and have the rest left to put in an engine.
stay away from mitsu., mazda, and subaru, says my mechanic.. those cars break down too much

i wouldn't recommend another civic

i recommend the older 240sx w/ SR20DET swap.. i think u can find one w/ a lot of mileage for around $2-3k and i think the swap is like $3-4k... and u'll have 200+rwhp!
How about something German. Not too many of those around. A GTI comes in a hatch, or maybe a Corrado...
The 240SX is a great idea....
I am in the same boat...
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