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State of Emergency

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Anyone played it? I was thinking about buying it, but the reviews doesn't look promising. Any comments?
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Its like gta3 + double dragon + dynasty warriors mixed all into got an 8 or something at ign , not too bad. Its probably worth renting.
Ive heard the same, but I wont buy it until I rent it
I bought it the other day, it's all right but it's not that great. Sure going around and killing people is fun but you get that with GTA3 and you can do a lot more. As for the game play, you have to use the left joystick to move the player around and I don't like that at all. I would definitly advise you to rent before you buy.
Its a cooo "twitch" game, I like the fact i can just pick up the controller and start massacering hundreds of innoccent people before going to work...........:D
new line cinema is planning on making a movie based on this game. check out the story at
I purchased this game the other day and I was a little disappointed with it....I mean it is a real bloody game with lots of killing and slughter in it, but that's pretty much all their is to this game...their are no vehicles you can drive either which sucks....the missions are ok too but I prefer GTA 3 over State of Emergency
GTA 3 three mas more variety to the game other than just killing people, and you can do way more stuff too...
State of Emergency is not a bad game, but it's gets a little boring after a little while....even though killing 500 people in a mall is fun, but GTA 3 has way more replay value and I think i'll stick to that game for now
Yeah I heard the replay value isn't very good at all.. I think it's going to be a renter, oh well, saves me money for Wipeout Fusion. :p
My friend made a very valid point last night. It takes a game like State of Emergency to make you realize how great GTA3 is.
All State of Emergency is good for is blowing off steam. It's fun to release your anger on hundreds of civilians with an uzi. There is a twisted sense of humor in it...hehe.
You can only kill so many people before it gets boring....but I still enjoy the mass slaughter this game has...:D
Ive played it. Its a cool game kinda sick but cool.. u can play Chaos or Revolution mode.. in Chaos the object is to kill as many police officers, military and gang members as posible without dieing just going bersherker all the time.. in revolution mode ut have missions to do...
I've played it, it's cool and looked promising but it gets old quick.
GTA3 is still king.
....even though killing 500 people in a mall is fun
I rented a couple days ago, it was only fun for about 20 minutes, i returned it the same day :(
Ya its Ight

Its pretty cool at first then after you go and blow a couple of the peoples heads off then it gets very dull
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