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I don't know if he sells anywhere else, but I found him on He posts under the name Thomas Brown (he keeps refering to a partner, this must be him) from San Diego, but the guy I talked to was Donny Ince. His email is [email protected]. He sells engine swaps/parts. He has decent prices $3100 for an '00 GSR swap. Not bad. In the beginning everything was fine, but after a while I started to get frustrated with him. His "partner" sold my engine twice, he never called me back to get my credit card number. Come to find out that the credit card machine wasn't setup yet anyway. Ok no prob I think, so I try to get his info to wire the money. Nothing. He takes forever to answer anything and it is always halfass. I finally get his info and wire him the money on a Friday. He told me that Wednesday that it was crated up and ready to go for shipping on Monday. He would even install some ITR cams for me. It's Friday, should be here, so I call the shipping company. Come to find out it was dropped off on Wednesday and is still there because he hasn't paid for it to be shipped yet. It takes 4 days to get to Indy from San Diego. I was supposed to have it last weekend, but he kept pushing me off. He knew for over 1 1/2 weeks that I wanted it for this weekend.

Summary: Sells stuff out from underneath you, hard to get an answer back, quibbles when payment time comes, flaky, flaky, flaky.

Oh well, I guess it's just me venting, but I will never attempt to do business with him again and I encourage you all to do the same. If you want more details, please ask [email protected]
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