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I wanted to share my unsatisfactory experience I had yesterday with

Route 23 Honda dealer located in Pompton Plains, NJ.

I saw an ad from AutoTrader about a 2007 Honda Fit Sport selling for $11,949.00. I go directly to their new dealer web site Route 23 Honda 888-452-3896 Dealer Pompton Plains West Caldwell Mahwah New Jersey NJ and open the direct ad. I then send an offer through their system. I receive an email from salesman, Chrissy Jacobs. She advised that she has received my offer and countered it. I then reply back with my final offer and stated that if she can make this deal happen I will go to their dealership today after work. She replied her manager approved my final offer and puts me down to meet at 5pm. This reply was at 2:45pm on 5/30/12.

At 3:35pm, I sent Chrissy another email requesting a service history report that can only be obtained at the service department. Surprisngly, I didnt receive a reply. It didnt bother me because I knew I can ask about it again when I got there.

At 4:50pm I arrive at Rte 23 Honda Used Cars. (I didnt know the primary dealer was actually a few blocks down) I ask for Chrissy and another salesman contacts her on the phone. She is located at the other building. He puts down the phone, and tells me Chrissy said the car was just sold a few minutes ago and if i would be interested in another car instead. Keeping my cool, I ask to speak with her directly. The salesman kindly gives me the phone and walks away from his desk as he knew he did not want any part of this. Here is how the conversation went:

Chrissy: "Hi Ike,how are you?"

Me: Horrible because you just wasted my time driving here for nothing.

Chrissy: "I'm sorry it just sold and theres nothing I can do. I emailed you earlier." (I checked my email from my phone and there was no reply from her)

Me: You knew I was coming down at 5pm with an agreed price. I didnt receive any email from you.

Chrissy- "You didnt leave any down payment so I cant hold the car for you"

Me: Down payment? What are you talking about? I just made an appointment with you a few hours ago to come see the car. I am not buying a car from this dealership all because of this stunt you pulled!

I then said Bye, hung up the phone, and the walked out of the showroom.

I am sharing this story because Chrissy Jacobs put a really bad taste in my mouth about Rte 23 Honda. I recommend you avoid that dealership as it has been proven they have very poor salesmanship. I wrote a letter to the general manager, Robert Winters, and shared my experience with him.

I am certainly looking elsewhere for a certified Honda. :mad
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