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Stay the hell away from vandergriff Honda

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Public Service Announcement

Like the title says avoid this dealership like the plague.
I had the misfortune to buy my car from these assholes.
they give you run-around for weeks if there's anything wrong
or if you want warranty work done. They refuse to give you a rental of any type. They are grade A assholes.

1. They told me my warranty might be voided on my transmission so i would have to pay money. and that I should check back in 2 weeks after they ask Honda WTF?!?!?! I had JUST bought it

I went to another honda dealer one that is closer to me and nice and they fixed my transmission in 2 - 3 days.

2. My paint fails cuase it was painted TWICE before I bought it NEW. (The clearcoat is cracking because the paint is too thick. 9 - 12mms)

They give me run-around for MONTHS. telling me that they haven o record in their bodyshops and they are requisitioning honda for records or some shit. not until i give the phone to my mom do they finally give in but they REFUSE to give me a rental car.
The other honda dealerships have NO problem why does this one?

Conclusion: Vandergriff Honda = Sux0r. They don't care about their customers and apparently they don't care about keeping them so maybe they deserve to lose their business to better dealers or to other brands.
Fuck them.

This has almost completely turned me off to honda and acura in general. The only honda i will ever buy now is a NSX if the acura dealer isn't a asshole like this dealer.

I write this now because i was supposed to take my car in today but I don't have another car to drive cause my brother got into a accident. and they still refuse to give me a rental car for a NEW car I bought THIS year. for something THEY or HONDA did to it.
stupid motherfuckers.

Remember when you see Vandergriff Honda on Arlington on I20 in the DFW area. stay the hell away. I wish there was something I could do. I want to hurt their business i want to take away their customers I want to give them bad publicity. but this is as much as I can do I suppose. I don't think North American Honda gives a fuck. I don't expect Lexus like dealer treatment but i at least expect a rental and to be treated with a little respect.
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yep.. i almost bought my 01 av6 from them, But didnt because they tried to rip me off on the price. They said they had to charge an extra 100.00 for Silver paint on the coupes!

ps..welcome to the club..01 Av6 SS 24000 miles (tranny #1 r.i.p.)
they don't seem to have a problem with me. btw, i'm from arlington also, maybe we should all meet up.
a DFW or Arlington meet would be cool. we should arrange one.
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