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Steel Battalion

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Okay this game looks unbelievably awesome. Great graphics, great physics, great everything. Also it has THE BEST controller ever made! 41 buttons, 2 joysticks, 3 foot pedals, how can you go wrong! Here's how the $200 price tag. Now personally i think that for a great game and a quality controller the price is valid but many of my friends (like RexFanatic) think that this isn't worth my hard earned cash. i think it is. Does anyone agree with me?
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Yes, I will be buying this game. Probably won't have the money when it first comes out but I will somehow end up with the money to get this game because it simply is a new and cool experience that you just can't pass...
i don't know looks pretty ify to me. i'll have to play it before i can pass any judgment on it.
whoa im on a streak of posts ehre in the game forum :) heh all these old threads too/............ well.

sb looks like it is going to be extremly good and also extremly unique. but the problem is i dont think i will ever pay 200$ to play one game. not going to happen, they really should have a bundle for that, i would pay max 85-90$. i mean i pay 80$ for collectors type games such as the war craft 3 collectors set, but that has alot of things with it represinting this game.
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