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Steering wheel installation

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The question was actually about removing the stock steering wheel. I have a 95 Integra. Anyone know of a DIY page about this subject? Thanks in advance.
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First thing is to remove the negative battery terminal to avoid the air bag from going off (it could hurt you really bad and make a hell of a mess if it goes off). If you turn you steering wheel (180 degrees) so that your looking at the underside you will see a screw holding on the access plate, remove the screw, then lift off the access plate, on the inside of the access plate you will see the shorting connector for the air bag module. Next unplug the yellow connector for the airbag module, then plug the shorting connector into the airbag module (the plug you pulled out). Then their are torx screws on both the left and right side of the steering wheel (under covers) remove the torx screws, then the airbag module comes off the steering wheel. Make sure to set it down with the trim side up and don't put anything on top of it. You really need to have respect for that airbag, it is dangerous (it is solid rocket fuel that can ignite with the smallest amount of electric charge). Then unplug the connectors for the horn and cruise control. Remove the steering wheel retaining nut. Then you can pull off the steering wheel, just use a rocking motion and it should come off. Once it is off, make sure the steering shaft does not rotate. Then install your new steeering wheel. Hope that helps.
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