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what should i use for a windshield sticker im thinking about getting a sunshade visor sticker and putting something over it. like a custom sticker or something. my car is like a real light blue so i dont know what colors to get for the background or the custom sticker. any input would be great
also what would be good for the custom sticker? iwas thinking like civic ex or just civic something like that
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IMO, whenever I see a car with a huge banner displaying the name of the car, I think to myself.. "Oh shit, is that what that is???? duh..." That's just me.. Do what you like though.. I would probably just get a tinted window strip.. MAYBE a color-matched vinyl strip.. I dunno though
its hard to find a color match sticker tho because i have a real light color of blue
obviously people know what type of car you have to putting CIVIC on it is pointless, you're not getting payed to advertise for a company so putting a huge DCSports sticker on there is pointless, putting "Powered by HONDA" on there is just stupid what else is it supposed to have under the engine .8L GM motor. So in the end STICKER = GAYNESS.
what else could i use if i dont put civic or honda or something like that?
crash6934 said:
what else could i use if i dont put civic or honda or something like that?
Like MarCy MarC said get a tint stripe. but not something to dark like 30% and if your windows are tintd don't get anything darker than your window tint.
put your name on it :) property of Jen :)

How about something functional like "Give Me A FAT TICKET" or make it say "AMBULANCE" backwards. Dude, stickers are not the way to go.
get "I SMOKED YOUR ASS ROUND EYE" on front, that'd get those domestic's pantes in a bundle...hehe....and "BYE BYE CHARLIE" on the back.

That's some funny business BRO. I haven't heard anyone say round eye in a few moons. Good to hear it like that!!
I've got a new one !!

Personally, I like funny banner stickers - I once put "OOopps I crapped my pants" across my entire rear window. That has to be the funniest commerical SNL came up with.
Hello there,

If you're interested in windshield visors it's you're looking for. We carry a huge variety of colors and our kits even come with free extras to help you install the visor (free squeegee, free razor cutting device, free instructions, and a pair of stickers).

Check out our webstore right here.

Take it easy,

don't put a sticker on your car unless it is super fly or super fast.
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