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Still have 2nd gear grind/notchiness problem

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This 2nd gear grind/notchiness problem is still here and have not gone away with time or distance. However, it has been a little better lately with the warmer weather. Any real fix to the problem?
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didn't the S2000 have that same problem when it first came out? How did they fix it?
very strange, one would think Honda would have fixed the problem by now... I heard that some people fixed the problem by switching to synthetic transmission fluid... and also by mixing in a little automatic transmission fluid. I am not gonna do anything about it yet... not until I have a good chat with my dealer.
Having the same problem been going on about a week now its covered under warranty so not really worried about it
FYI: There is a petition which another board started up at:

There are around 104 people who have signed it and I think it is going to be sent soon.

May want to get on it also.

I also have the notchy 1st -> 2nd shifts when my car is cold. Seems to go away after 10 mins of driving :(
you guys are the very very first one huh?
i mean the car is the first batch out the factory...
they do that when i test drove the thing back in may
the older batch seems to do that, it was like that with my R tranny when i first have it too...(mine went away)
the recent one that come in seems OK...
as far as i know service replaced some clutch on some unit...
i will check on the bulletin board when i go to work today...
as far as I know newer RSXs still have the same problem... my friend bought his in January and from time to time, he still have problem with his 2nd gear.
another thing I have noticed is that when I am going very slowly (less than 10km/h), I have trouble getting into 1st gear from 2nd gear... even when using double clutch downshift... why is that??
I haven't had any problems with my Type-S.
hondacura said:
I haven't had any problems with my Type-S.
When did you get your Type S? How many mile do you have on your car? How warm is your climate?
cloud7 said:

When did you get your Type S? How many mile do you have on your car? How warm is your climate?
July 2001, 16k, warm to very hot!
hondacura said:

July 2001, 16k, warm to very hot!
given your climate, there shouldn't be any problem... for me here, I only get the grind/notchiness when the temperature is below around 0 celcius.
People say it is a problem with the viscosity of the tranmission fluid and not problems with the transmisson itself.
i think all hondas do this to some extent. my prelude is pretty old...but it wont go into 1st gear if im moving at all. i have to be at almost a dead stop to get it from neutral to 1st.

are they going to fix this......sounds like they're should be some kinda recall to me
don't know if they are gonna recall them... but if you bitch to your dealer often enough, they will probably fix it for ya. I remember the S2000 had the 2nd gear problem the first year it came out.
preludes have the same problem....Honda isn't as great as you think they are....they have the same problems on all their cars and they are clueless on how to fix it.
I have heard that the S2k, RSX Type S, and even the civics have experienced this problem. You can sign a petition for the RSX Type S here:
Honda and BMW are considered to have the best manual transmission in the market. I have driven both and liked them a lot... I would even put Honda ahead of BMW in terms of feel and linkage. It's just that they have these stupid 2nd gear problems when they are not totally warmed up or during sub-zero temperatures.
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