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stock 2dr parts

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am looking to buy:

stock intake-will trade for aem cold air w/bypass valve

stock front and rear bumpers-1998 to 2002-in white only

stock passenger side side skirt-white only

stock tan leather seat-drivers side

ALSO have to sell:

Neuspeed upper strut brace-50

Ground control coilvers-200
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i'll trade you my stock intake and some money for your coilovers.
or if not, then i'll trade it for your cai.
I'm interested in the Neuspeed Upper strut brace... What finish is it? (chrome or black)
Also if your cai is still available...
i have the stock sideskirts in white
email me if you're interested.... i'm on the west coast though
Is this price on the ground controls negotiable? if so let me know

sorry for the delay

sorry it took so long to get back with you guys. However I am apparently keeping the car now. If any thing changes I will post again. Thanks
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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