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i have been on and off with my car unknowning what to do soon ill be getting a shipment from japan of many engines to sell not sure i should keep one to swap in my car or stay with my stock 93 ex engine only 44k miles on it. i wanna go the turbo route cuz i grown such a love for them but i also need a car that is reliable for taking my to work everyday. not sure witch engine to go with really but im really egered to work on this car already engine come in a couple of months. I would need some help with turbo people and thier expierences im not really on a tight budget i would like to put lots of stuff on this baby just have to start off with the right engine ofcourse if yall could help me with what parts to start off getting and if i should keep my engine this would be very helpfull.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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