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I just got an Alpine deck so I have no use for the stock stuff anymore. I will be including, the stock deck, 6 disc cd changer, and cd changer cable(extremley long, reaches trunk with feet of cable to spare). Also, if you want I can include the trunk mounting bracket but that will cost a little bit more to ship.
The deck wiring harness fits 92-00 civics. Although the face doesnt fit exaclty flush in 92-95 civics. Its a perfect fit for 96-98's. I had it in my 92 Civic and it honestly didnt look bad at all, just stuck out on one side.
The face of the deck is not scratched up, or look "used" for that matter. Everthing overall is in VERY good condition.
$$--Make me an offer.
Click here to email me Or PM me here on SH. Also you can IM me on AIM, my screenname is HybridJDMHonda
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