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Storing a LS/VTEC motor till summer

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I just purchase a LS/VTEC still has motor oil in it.......what should I do? drain as much of the oil I could out of it or leave it there. If I leave the oil in there will is build up and mess up my valves. help please don't know what to do....

Will it ruin my precious motor if oil is left in there?
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I leave the oil in prevents rust of any kind.

Cover all the holes and hoses with masking tape and wrap the engine with one large bag or cloth.

If you have a engine hoist or engine stand I would store it on that. If not get two blocks of wood and place the engine ontop of that. Becareful not to dent the oil pan.

If you look at my sig you can see my LS engine on the floor, make sure no debri,moisture, or bugs have access to your it.

Thats about it, just make sure everything is secure.

Good Luck on your future engine-drop:)
thats exactly my engine is positioned in my garages its on a creeper
thanks for the info......what about the cams and valves and wouldn't all the oil sink to the bottom of the crankcase will the cams and head valve train rust?
i parked my car last winter for 7.5 months and everything was good
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