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Stripped clearcoat on rims and curbage, HELP!

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I got my 95 GS-R rims this summer, but they have curb checks on 2 of the rims and the clearcoat is to the point where they almost feel rough in certain spots. So I have a few questions:

1. What is the best and cheapest way to restore the shine of the rims?

2. Best and cheapest way to fix the lip of the rims where they are curbed?

3. Anyone know who makes this rim? (some Honda wheels are made by Enkei, like the 96-00 HX rims)
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i think Enkei made those too. Enkei seems to make a lot of rims for Honda including:

'96-'00 Civic HX
'92-'95 Civic VX
'93-'97 Del Sol Si/Vtec (the big, flat five-spokes, AND the thinner, rounded five spokes)
'92-'93 Integra GSR
'96 Integra GSR (I think)
'01-current Civic HX (at least, this is what i've been told, someone correct me if i'm wrong)

as far as repairing the curbage, if you're really good with a metal sander, then you can try it yourself. but if you're anything like me, you'll be better off taking them to a shop to have it done. no idea how much it would cost though.

to repair the shine, you can get some paint stripper from Wal Mart, use it to strip off the remaining factory clear coat, and then spray on a couple coats of new clear coat (which you can also get from Wal Mart). OR, after you strip the clear coat off, you can paint them a dark color so that the curbage is less noticeable (semi-glossy black, and gunmetal work well for those rims).

failing those, you can always sell them to me, cause i could care less about curbage, as long as the rims aren't actually bent! :D
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