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hey im getting ready to order a cerwin vega stroker and i was wondering if a jbl 1200.1 amp could power a 18" or a 15" ??
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it could power it for daily driving the sub can take alot more though........ do u plan on going in comps with it if so u will need alot more power......... i would say to get the 15"
if u want i can give the specs for a nice box for daily driving and comps but only for the 15"
yeah dude that would be cool if u could give me the specs for the 15" wow u responded hella fast
would a stroker be louder then my juggernaut ??? right now i have it in a 4.5 cubic foot box with a 4" port
i will look into the jug for u, i know a guy how competes with them and i will get a the sizes from him.......

if the jug is good i would say stay with that and buy another 1200.1
as far as the stroker hear r some boxs that i was told worked well,
for an 18" 12^3 ft 150"sq of port tuned to about 38 to 45(better for comps) u couls go as low as 8 and about 120sq of port for daily driving and tune to around 30 or so

for the 15" 4.9^3ft
port 4x16, 16 inches long tuned to about 39hz............

i mite beable to help u alittle more if u tell me if u want 1 to compete with... then u can tune 1 port low for dd and the other 1 higher for comps.....

i will get back to u on the size for the jug... it is a 15" right?

hope this helps
thanks yeah it helped hella and yeah its a 15"
A 4" diameter port seems way too small for a Jug. I don't have experience with them, but I ran almost that much port area for my IDQ12.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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