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Strut Bars

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I am in the process of getting strut bars for my lude. I was under the impression that a sway bar was a sway bar but after reading some of the posts I am having second thoughts.

Can someone tell me what I should be looking at for a good constructed strut bar? Pivot points, thickness of bar, consturction detials....

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Well, first of all, a strut bar isn't a swaybar. :) Strut bars/braces reinforce the chassis while swaybars connect the left suspension to the right suspension so that roll is decreased & everything else sort of stays the same. Check the sticky posts.

& I don't know anything about Preludes, so I'll leave the rest to everybody else. :)
Sorry for the misprint in my mail... I did mean Strut bar and not sway. Still waiting your comments...

For a strut bar, you don't have a lot of choice with the prelude. Neuspeed Spoon or Cusco are it as far as I know. What you want in a strut bar is a stiff one (obvious, but not always easy to tell) no big holes in the bar, it should mount relatively flat, ie it shouldn't be tall, it shouldn't have pivots (which means the bar shouldn't attach to the mounting brackets with just one bolt). The Neuspeed bar mounts without brackets, so it doesn't have any pivots. Pretty much the Neuspeed, Spoon, and Cusco bars will be pretty stiff.
ST swaybars are good...tanabe sustec, neuspeed sways. all good.
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