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Stupid idea?

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I have a set of SI rims on my civic as of now, and they are pretty scratched up from regular use, and I want to have the powdercoated in the future, but for right now money is an issue, so im thinking about painting them. I found this paint and it loos really intriguing to do the graphite color. Tell me what you guys think?
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I have actually used the dupli color rim paint, in graphite gray on two sets of rims. First we used them on my friend's Si rims, and they turned out amazing. Then we did my friend's stock rims on his VW golf and that turned out even better. It really looks like the rims are powdercoated after you use this stuff. It has a glitter type of stuff in it that really makes the rims look good when they are clean. They glisten/"sparkle" in the sun. Its definantly one of the best products I've used in a LONG time.

Here's my little how-to on painting rims: Just note that I say to use high-temp engine enamel but this was because the wheel paint wasnt avalible yet.
do u have pics of your friends SI rims done?
i would love to see photos as well, of either set of rims- si or vw
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