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Stupid Minivan

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I know pretty much anyone could be a minivan in a drag race but I just thought that this particular story was kinda funny...

I was driving home from work on Saturday night and this minivan comes screwin up on my ass and I was like "i'm gonna play with this focker". Well, I slowed down and this pissed him off even more so he pulls into the lane next to me and guns it!! I was like RIIIIIGHT. So I gun it too and he had no chance so he just got back in the lane that i was in, probably pissed off as all hell :D
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heh, i guess you've never seen the videos of the 12 sec minivans. :D
PseudoRealityX said:
heh, i guess you've never seen the videos of the 12 sec minivans. :D
lol this minivan was a wannabe of those

I also have a link to the 12 sec caravan, but it does not seem to work anymore.

Later, Chris
and i thought my town was boring... kind of a lame story if ya ask me :)
ive got a video of a high 8 point second minvan that kills a camaro.... i think i downloaded it from kazaa so i cant put a link but i can probably send it to someone if you want it
i seen a video of a 12 second mini van. 89 dodge caravan se turbo. hit search type "dads 12 second minivan" i haven't been there in a while, it may not be there anymore. i think i may still have the pics of it on my hard drive.
this one is called... didgecamaro... but its a minivan vs a camaro funny ass stuff.......... i guess this guy dropped an engine or is running some serious nos right?>
they use mitsubishi turboes and stuff to power these suckers.. so the next time you talk trash about domestic cars remember that you can make anything fast... *lol* although makin something beat a civic usually involves just stepping on the gas

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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